Setting the future course for the development of a new city neighbourhood

Additional planning security was achieved for the Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck neighbourhood development through the development plan process. More details emerged about the interfaces between the Deutsche Bahn infrastructure (mainline and suburban railway) and the Urbane Mitte project. Further to the conclusion of the neighbourhood agreement with Deutsche Bahn regarding Development Plan No. VI-140cab (Baufeld Süd), the southern construction zone is likely to open in the fourth quarter of 2020. The parties involved (the State of Berlin, Deutsche Bahn and the Urbane Mitte) have jointly agreed a timeframe for the renewed participation of public authorities in respect of the development plan governing the northern construction zone of Urbane Mitte (No. VI-140caa [Baufeld Nord]) in the second quarter of 2021. This should ensure that the plans for the northern construction zone are on public display in the second quarter of 2022. At the end of 2019, Berlin’s Senate and Deutsche Bahn signed the financing agreement for the planning of the third construction phase of the S21 suburban railway line and station on the Urbane Mitte site.

The vibrant and welcoming Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck city quarter with around 3,000 workplaces is scheduled for completion in 2025/26. A multifaceted mix of uses including office, commercial, gastronomy, retail, hotel, as well as cultural and sporting activities for all city residents will expand the Park am Gleisdreieck. Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck will combine smaller service industries and work with art, culture and space for everyone. This is just one of the many reasons why Berlin’s Senate has classified the Urbane Mitte Am Gleisdreieck development as a place of importance for the entire city.